About DealerCheck

DealerCheck revolutionizes how lenders manage dealer relationships, giving them the power to gain unparalleled insights into dealer performance. Easily compare both the quantity and quality of deals originating from each dealer, alongside a comprehensive view of the dealer’s activities in comparison to other lenders. DealerCheck ensures that you stay at the forefront of the market, fostering stronger, more informed partnerships with dealers.
Harness the power of DealerCheck via API to gather information on all dealers in your dealer network which includes

  • Dealer Risk Scores - See the overall risk a dealer presents within your portfolio compared to the rest of the industry. Are you being adversely selected, or is there opportunity to foster deeper relationships with certain dealers to increase originations?
  • Dealer Performance - Understand the overall loan performance for the dealer across the industry and compare against other lenders doing business with the same dealer
  • Dealer Application Risk - Understand the risk of the applications a dealer is submitting. The primary driver of dealership risk is going to be the risk of the paper that they're pushing
  • Dealer Fraud Trends - Quickly identify dealers that have abnormally high rates of fraud trends such as synthetic identities, income misrepresentation, fake employers, and powerbooking